Want to Write for Magazines? Pitch This Section First

Want to Write for Magazines? Pitch This Section First

Flip open any print magazine and what do you see? Before the top to bottom element articles, you’ll discover an accumulation of news briefs and short articles known as the “front of the book” or “Dandy” segment.

Stuffed with short articles, it’s a specialist’s closest companion. This is the place to break in and demonstrate your composition cleaves at another to-you print production.

What is the “Front of the Book?”

Put before a magazine’s component articles, you’ll commonly discover a note from the supervisor or distributer, letters to the editorial manager, and possibly an off camera look into making the issue.

You’ll additionally discover a variety of short articles. They could be news briefs, book surveys, infographics, or an extensive variety of other short pieces. These articles are the “front of the book” areas you’ll need to pitch.

Editors are continually searching for substance. A solitary issue’s FOB could have 10-15 short articles (or much more). Contrast that with the bunch of highlight articles in a regular issue, and you’ll see why the FOB holds so much chance.

It’s additionally an extraordinary place to break in light of the fact that editors are significantly more eager to experiment with new-to-them authors on short pieces. On the off chance that an essayist drops, they have a 100 or 200-word gap to fill rather than pages and pages of clear space.

The FOB can likewise be an extraordinary portal into bigger, more inside and out (and frequently better-paying) parts of the magazine once you demonstrate to your manager you’re solid, reliable, and can convey the substance they require.

You may even wind up optimized to composing highlight articles.

How would you break into the FOB?

Break into the FOB similarly as you would some other segment. To start with, discover the distribution’s journalists’ rules. These are regularly discovered on the web, however now and again you’ll need to call or email to get your hands on a duplicate.

Make certain to peruse these painstakingly and tail them. They will regularly take note of the best places to break into the magazine and which areas are available to pitches. You may likewise get on some essential signs, similar to whether certain FOB highlights are composed by staff individuals for each issue.

On the off chance that staff dependably composes a specific area, it’s frequently not worth your opportunity to endeavor to pitch that segment. It probably won’t be in the financial plan or they may have an explicit purpose behind having an area staff-composed, (for example, a staff roundtable choosing the most appropriate news things to cover in each issue).

Focus on these subtleties.

When you find the right editorial manager, send an all around created, all around looked into, elegantly composed pitch. Indeed, it may take a touch of work to make a pitch that could at last wind up being longer than your 100-word story, yet it merits setting aside the opportunity to do it right.

Articles in the FOB can pay great, once in a while a dollar for each word or more. Check Who Pays Writers to check whether you can discover a few pieces of information about the specific production you’d like to pitch.

Furthermore, keep in mind, these short pieces are regularly a passage to composing longer articles.

Step by step instructions to look at a distribution’s FOB

When you’ve distinguished the magazine you’d like to break into, get a couple of late issues (the library is extraordinary for this). Dandy substance can change as often as possible, so you need to ensure you have current issues.

You’ll additionally need to take a gander at a few issues to get a thought of the sort of substance the production needs to use after some time. They may just incorporate specific kinds of FOB articles, (for example, book or rigging surveys) in consistently or third issue.

It might be useful to snatch a note pad to monitor what you see about the FOB includes in the issues you survey.


What kinds of articles are in the FOB?

What customary areas are incorporated?

To what extent are the articles?

Who keeps in touch with them? Are there specialists’ names (they might be recorded as “donors”), staff authors’ names or a mix

What points are secured?


How “newsy” are these articles? Is it true that they are for the most part breaking occasions, or do they likewise run evergreen substance in advance?

Which FOB areas appear to work best with your thoughts

How to manage this data

When you’ve assembled a lot of data from your most loved magazine’s FOB, utilize this data to focus on a couple of pitches.

When you pitch, make it evident to the editors that you know about the magazine and its substance. On the off chance that you need to compose a 150-word article on a specific subject for the “News Brief” area, make sure to make reference to those subtleties.

Editors like working with individuals who have set aside the opportunity to do some homework.

Have you at any point been distributed in a magazine’s FOB? How was your experience?

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